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quick question!
Quick question! BDO shoes: Googely eyes, or not? on Twitpic

Poll #1513612 home made shoes

Googly eyes, or no googly eyes?

What have you done to those shoes?

Would you buy similar shoes on Etsy?

What have you done to those shoes?!

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GMinor would go crazy for these.

they're cheap canvas shoes, attacked with Sharpies... (all Joe's idea and planning - I just coloured-in where I was told to!)

They're adorable!

GMinor is a size 4 (North American). Let me know how much!

They definitely need the googly eyes. I only put that I would not buy them on Etsy because (a) I don't wear shoes like that (slippers, sure, but not shoes) and (b) I am so staggeringly unhip that I have no idea what Etsy is.

Cool shoes, though! :-) is pretty nifty - heaps of handmade/crafty things... Well worth looking at if you're ever wanting to buy a reasonably uncommon/original piece of jewelry or a bag or something for anyone!
(it's not *just* for girls, either... you can get belts and cufflinks and boy-stuff too.)

I can't take any credit for 'em though.

they're being glued on as I type...

I actually rather like one with and one without...
(snuck over here from Red's journal ;)

nope. sorry! there's no way I could do that :D
there's no way I could be not-matching - I have to do symmetrical :D

(thanks! feel free to pop by any time!)

Hmmn, know what you mean. I have more of a asymmetrical fixation. Odd in someone whose a bit of a neat freak ;)

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