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long weekend
we're off to Sydney tomorrow...

We've tickets to Lily Allen tomorrow night - along with maldini_3's sister (who I haven't met yet), and his best mate and his gf.

Friday, I'm hoping to catch up with my friend, V. We did an M.Ed together... She's been teaching ESL in China for the last little while, but is back in the country for a month.

Saturday, we've got the Big Day Out... I cannot tell you how much I'm looking forward to it!

Home on Sunday, after catching up with eliiiiza at some stage...

Thankfully, I'll have Monday to rest, before Australia Day on Tuesday, then back to work on Wednesday.

(Let's not talk about the assignments I haven't marked yet!)

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You are a busy person!

Big Day Out looks fantastic. Wish we were there!

:) I hope you have a fabulous well-heeled weekend!

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