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It's official

Fuck me, I'm a moron.

Next time I mention that I'm going away to a show of some description, will someone please ask me if I've got the tickets?!

Fortunately, maldini_3 is understanding, gnomeangel is generous, HMT is home, and Turk is going to the BDO tomorrow too, but hadn't left Canberra yet when I called him!

Crisis averted... Though I'm still in shock that I could be such a moron!

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I always do the Absolutely Fabulous check at the door (although in different order): Passport, tickets, money!

Everything else can be replaced. (: And I'm glad your day won't be ruined.

I always do that; and I always ask someone "what do I need... yup, yup, yup..."

We checked off a whole bunch of other stuff... Lily Allen tickets for us, Lily Allen tickets for friends, movie tickets, the BDO timetable... but at no point did we think "BDO tix!" v.silly!

It was a hairy few minutes until it was all sorted!

Last time I went to the US, I'd recently renewed my passport. But my visa was in the old one.
Cue me approaching the check-in in a lather of sweat because I could only find the old one. The airport is an hour's drive from home...
I did find the new one but I can still remember the stomach plummet and it was years ago.
Now I'm positively OCD about tickets etc...

I'm usually OCD about tickets... I have no idea what happened this time!!

ps- glad your crisis was averted :)

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