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I scored a last minute invite to tea at Turk and his gf, J's place (I *really* need to name her...) yesterday. A thoroughly enjoyable evening... We really should catch up more often. J scolded me for such at one point -- "I told you before I moved down; you're my only friend here!" (Not entirely true; one of her sisters is down here, and she works nearish her home and sees workmates socially, but point taken :) I need to be more proactive about doing things with people...)

This morning, I had a lazy sleep-in with maldini_3 - the first for a ridiculously long time. I made us brunch around 11am when we surfaced, then we mucked around on Little Big Planet - a game gnomeangel got me onto.

A few hours later, we headed back to my room for an even more lazy afternoon of lounging about, bantering, wrestling and D&Ming. 'Twas seriously wonderful. It's been way too long since I had a day that didn't require things-to-do or places-to-be.

I mean, I could have done without the migraine that hit me around 5pm and stuck around... but other than that, today was lovely.

A much-needed rest before a busy week: we're off to Sydney on Tuesday night to see Phoenix - and planning on making work on Wednesday! Then we're back to Sydney again for the weekend and the Future Music Festival... Not quite sure when I'm going to recover from that - I've got my first uni assignment due the following week, then it's exam time for my yr12 kids (which means I have to write - then mark - their papers. Busy, busy!)

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Sunday definitely charged the batteries a bit hey!

My question to you is what you were doing up at 11:12pm on a sunday night after you got hit with a migraine?!?!


Love ya

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