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holy shit...

in 10 hours, the political party that forms my government, will vote on its leadership.

if you're so inclined, you can follow the spill on Twitter.

chances are good that Australia may have its first ever female prime minister by morning tea time...
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That would be very awesome.

It doesn't seem like it is time for your elections again! Time for me to get my American head out of my ass and pay attention to the rest of the world!

Our federal terms are every 3 years... Last election was Nov 07, so it's coming up to that time. BUT this wasn't a public election... This was the Labor Party rolling it's leader for a new one... They have the most seats in our House of Reps, so whoever leads them will lead the country.

I only knew it was 07 because it rhymed with Kevin!

Ok...well apparently my worked blocked me from SEEING this but it actually posted my reply. Sorry for the double comments!

Well attempting to reply to this is how I found out LJ is blocked at work!

I was going to say the only reason I knew it was 07 was because it rhymed with Kevin! I remembered the slogan!

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