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Anzac quiz
Time for another Quiz, aussie-style.
I might even give a real prize this time.
(No cheating! At least, not til you've given your answers.)
All comments will be screened.

  1. When is Anzac Day? (nice easy one to start.)
    25 April

  2. What does Anzac stand for? (again, an easy one!)
    Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

  3. What event does Anzac Day commemorate? (include the year and the location of the event.)
    25 April is the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. On this day in 1915, the Anzacs, along with British and other Commonwealth troops, landed on the Gallipoli peninsula, with the intention of capturing Constantinople (Istanbul). The Aussies actually landed a bit off-course, on a narrow beach, at the bottom of some cliffs, and they met with strong Turkish resistance. After 8 months, the Allies evacuated. Over 8,000 Australians were killed at Gallipoli (which is nothing compared to the 8,000 killed in a few weeks at the Somme, or the 86,000 Turks killed at Gallipoli - but it ws quite a shock to the Aussies at home).

  4. Why are many Anzac services held at dawn?
    Because the Anzac landings were at dawn. (Which is a big part of why we were landed in the wrong spot.)

  5. Who were the Johnnies and the Mehmets?
    The Johnnies were the Anzacs, and the Mehmets were the Turks.
    There is an inscription at Gallipoli, of a speech made by Ataturk: "Those heroes who shed their blood and lost their lives, you are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side in this country of ours. You, the mothers who sent their sons from far away countries wipe away your tears, your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace. After having lost their lives on this land they become our sons as well."

  6. Who was the last Anzac, and what year did he die?
    Alec Campbell, died in 2002, aged 103

  7. Who was Simpson's mate, and what did they do? (ok - he had more than one mate, but if you tell me his species, you'll get the point.)
    John Simpson Kirkpatrick and his donkey (Duffy). Simpson was a Brit (with Scottish parents) who joined the Army thinking it'd be an easy way to get back home, but instead ended up in Gallipoli. He used a couple of donkeys (Duffy was killed, so he had to find a replacement) to retrieve the wounded and carry them to safety. Simpson arrived on 25 April, and was killed on 19 May.

  8. What is "Two-up"?
    Two-up is a coin game. Two pennies (pre-1966) are put on a board, and flipped. People can bet heads, tails, or evens. On Anzac Day, and only Anzac day, Two-up is played in pubs, everywhere. Normally, 'street gambling' is illegal.

  9. Name some of the ingredients in Anzac biscuits
    plain flour, rolled oats, coconut, brown sugar, butter, golden syrup (like treacle, but not), bicarbonate of soda, and boiling water

  10. What do Aussies pin to their lapels on Anzac day?
    rosemary. Rosemary is supposed to aid memory, and a type of wild rosemary grew on the slopes of Gallipoli

Aaaaand the winner is... seal_clubber!!!

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1. April 25th. Happy belated Anzac day.
2. Australia and new Zealand Army Corps
3. The battle at Gallipoli (I think). The year...eeeee, dunno.
4. I have no idea. I'm interested to find out.
5. Mehmets were Turkish soldiers. I think Johnnies was what the Turks called the Australian soldiers.
6. Not a clue.
7. Donkey.
8. Dunno.
9. Dunno.
10. Poppies

I'm interested to hear how many I got wrong, and the answers to the ones I don't know!

1. yup. 1
2. yup 1
3. yup, and see above 1
4. see above
5. yup 2
6. see above
7. yup, and see above 1
8. see above
9. see above
10. see above, sorry. Worthwhile guess though.

Total: 6/15

I don't know when Anzac Day is (today I assume?) but I thought the Anzacs were the Australian and New Zealand...Armed Coalition? from WWI. I assume Anzac Day memorializes Gallipoli and I assume Mehmet is a disparaging name for the Turkish forces, kinda like the Brits called the Germans Jerry or Americans in Vietnam called the Viet Cong Charlie. The rest I do not know.

1. close
2. kinda... 1/2
3. yup, and see above 1

5. yeah, sorta... Though it doesn't seem to be disparaging. The Turkish commander Ataturk made references to "Johnnies and Mehmets", and I've seen Turks use it in documentaries too... They seem ok with it. 1

Total: 2.5/15

I'm predicting three out of ten...

1. Today?
2. Australia and New Zealand Army Campaigns?
3. The landings at Gallipoli? I really should know this, as my great-grandfather was there (and lost the use of a finger).
4. Um, because the landings were at dawn. (This only has a chance of being right if 3 was right, I know.)
5. Don't know, and the Turks.
6. No idea.
7. A wallaby. (I like that word.)
8. Some game involving tossing coins and betting on the result?
9. Sugar. Butter. Flour. I could cheat and look this up...
10. Wattle?

Re: I'm predicting three out of ten...

1. close, see above
2. pretty much 1/2
3. yup, and see above. 1 That's really cool that your great-grandfather was there. I have an Aussie great-uncle, and 2 Scot great-uncles that fought in WWI, but not at Gallipoli
4. yup 1
5. see above, and yup 1
6. see above
7. nope, sorry. Though there was a wallaby or a roo with a unit stationed in Egypt. There are photos of the men and the roo in front of the pyramids!
8. yup 1
10. good guess, but no.

Total 5.5/15

1. The day after Prozac day.
2. Prozac's auntie.
3. The introduction of SSRIs.
4. Because we depressed people are insomniacs and are still up from the night before.
5. The guys that didn't respond to the Prozac so they made the Anzac.
6. He's not dead yet silly.
8. Mo. He runs a bar.
9. Doubling up on your Anzac.
9. fluoxetine hydrochloride
10. Prescription pads.


A point for effort?

No hunch what is Anzac’s day.^^
Thanks that you added me to your friends. You looked interesting person, who make cool icons so i wanted to add you to my live journal’s friends.:)
How you see my english is quite bad,but im still learning to advance it.
Thanks about birthday’s congratulations and well, my test in biology- it was a big flop actually.:D
Wow it’s very cool that you’re from Australia.I’m from Latvia. Do you know where it is? I’m 1/2 russian too. Well, that’s in short about me (my journal tells more i guess.^^).

Re: Happy Anzac’s day!

I've answered the questions above, if you want to learn more about Anzac Day.

Your English is quite good! I speak a little German and a little Japanese, but not enough to actually communicate with people - not like you and your English!

I don't know much about Latvia... I associate it with Lithuania and Estonia - I remember them from Modern History class!

Nice to meet you!

Okay, I'm just going to fess up to being an Ugly American here, and admit that I don't know the answers to any of these questions. I suck!

Before going to Wikipedia just now, all I knew was that ANZAC stood for Australia-New Zealand something something, and that it had something to do with WWI. But now I know that it also has to do with Gallipoli, which up till now I had only known as a Mel Gibson movie I wasn't able to really understand when I watched it a couple of years ago.

Bad, bad me!

S'ok. I didn't expect many of you to know much. It's a big deal here, but of little consequence to most of the rest of the world - even the UK.
When HB's rellos were out here form England the other wek, we took them to the War Memorial. One of the "significant items" is a Gallipoli boat - it was used in the first landings back in 1915. It's pretty big when you're standing next to it, but small when you think about the number of people in it. It's got some nifty bullet holes in it, too. Anyway, when we got to it, we asked the cousin (23yo) if he knew anything about Gallipoli. He looked puzzled, and said "Gallyboo-what?"

What didn't you get about the movie? Does it make a little more sense now, knowing that it was the first thing Australia was engaged in in WWI? (and the first thing we were really involved in as an 'independent' nation?) The aim was to take control of the Dardenelles, so the Brits could then take Istanbul.

1. April 26?
2. Australia, New Zealand... and colonies?
3. Something to do with WWI. The end of it?
9. Oats, Coconut, Golden Syrup, no eggs. I've actually made these, although they weren't totally authentic because I could only get British golden syrup, not the Aussie kind.
10. Poppies?

1. close
2. sort of 1/2
3. The start of it! (for us, anyway). 1/2

9. Yup. and brown sugar, bi carb, flour and butter. How come you decided to make them? 1
10. good guess, but nope.

Total 2/15

I'd like to thank the members of the Academy, my director, my writer, and, of course, you, the viewers. You like me! You really, really like me! *eyewipe*

Do I win anything?


Sure. It'll take me a couple of days to find some Australiana, but I'll get you a token.
Can you email me your postage details?

I can't believe I didn't win! ;-)

You were so close...
next time, for sure!

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