Not for the faint hearted!

For those of you who aren't familiar with them, this os a huntsman spider. (Well, the underside of one, anyway!)

Yes, Murray... I realise that's a CD... Look to the left of the CD. That's the huntsman.

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oh i wish i had a river i could skate away on...
I am about to start cleaning out HMD's room.

He's not paid rent in 3 weeks... Was last seen on Dec 21 or 22 and reminded that I wanted him gone by Dec 28. He thought that was do-able.

I went home for Christmas and came back on the 28th to find the freezer and bathroom clear of HMD's stuff, but everything else here (though no car).

Texts and Voicemail messages left. No word back. Some time on the 29th, his phone was switched off, so calls went direct to message bank. I tracked down his work number online - both the phone and fax get picked up by fax machines. beeeeeeeeep to you, too.

Gnomeangel told me to have the locks changed, but I let HB get in my head with his "you're being unreasonable, over-reacting, ridiculous..." - that, combined with not being able to get a locksmith until the new year, made me wait. (HB's still paying his half of the mortgage, and popping by - when I'm not hear - to take more of his books and things. I don't want him to be accusing me of locking him out of 'his' house, and my solicitor-friend agrees that I need to be keeping him in the loop.)

I get home from Sydney yesterday; everything's still here.

Snooping in HMD's room this morning, I discovered a stack of business cards: drug and alcohol counselling, and an AFP an a Parole officer's cards included. Joy oh fucking joy.

So: the possibilities are: he's a complete jerk; he's gone fishing; he's dead somewhere; and, a late entry, he's in jail.

I go down to the local cop shop to ask them what my options are... Move his stuff into the garage and change the locks. I text HB to tell him I will be changing the locks. He calls me back; he's all "are you sure? really? you think so? well, I suppose if you really want to, then I wouldn't have a problem with it." Umm, yeah, thanks.

A couple of hours later, he texts me: "I can help you move HMD's stuff on Wednesday, if you like." FFS. Remember the part where I've told you multiple times that I've got someone moving in on Tuesday the 5th? Wednesday's no good to me. And I'm not feeling generous enough to issue points for effort; sorry.


I don't want another year of being negative. I want my baggage gone. I don't want to have to deal with HB's wishy washiness anymore. I don't want to have to deal with HMD's stuff. I don't want to have to be a grown up, and have to deal with sorting out what to do with my house. Do. Not. Want. I also don't want to keep interpreting things in the worst possible way (OMG the world is ending). I don't want to keep on with these pity parties... And so, I'm going to get off my backside now, and go be productive :)

Voice Post the second
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“Hello, it is 11:30 on new years eve. I'm calling you from Fertility(?) the walk and then I'm so just really having run(?). Waiting setting up from fireworks to kick in and I'm wishing you all happy new year and I also wanted to thank you all for everything you've done with this year. There's some fireworks going off somewhere. I'm not in ___ still works ___. Anyway I don't answer me and see if more than what part was here lies in the beach. So I bring 20 10 2010 whatever you wanna call it it's market improvement. Love you guys all. Happy new year. See you on the good side. See ya.”

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Voice Post the first (incomplete)
I got cut off before I finished this one, but it's possibly a little clearer than the other one?

I hate the way I seem to be ending every sentence with a question mark... It's an Australian thing to do, but I hope I'm not usually as bad an offender as I am here!

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Happy birthday, seal_clubber!!

I hope your day is as tops as you are... :D

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Behold! Prawn Day :)

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Happy Christmas to me

My grandma has dementia. She lives at home and my pop looks after her, but I'm not convinced this is the best solution. She wanders off, refuses to bathe, and sleeps most of the day.

Dad picked my grandparents up for Christmas day and brought them back to mum's. Immediately when they arrived, I noticed that grandma smelled - a real pooey smell. I commented to mum and she agreed.

We offered grandma the opportunity to wash up before lunch, but she declined.

After lunch, she asked for the bathroom, and we directed her to it. She insisted that she was fine. After 20mins she comes out; I see her closing the door kinda furtively. "Are you ok?" "I think so."

Once she's back on the lounge room, I check the loo. It's decidedly not ok; I clean up, save for a few things that will need to be washed - after she leaves. Mum comes in as I'm finishing.

Dad's oblivious.

Grandma's sitting next to him on the couch. Her shirt is a little messy - she refuses an offer of a clean one, and dad shoots me a filthy for suggesting it. (He also glares at me for suggesting she sit on a towel on the couch. Seriously; has the man no nose?) Dad is showing my Pop photos of his trip to Tasmania - "on day two, I took 475 pictures," he proudly proclaims, and Poppy is being shown each and every one of them.

I'd kinda like to get a move on dessert. That way my grandparents can head home, and grandma may clean herself up before bed - I can't think of a way we can do it here without humiliating her - and we have no clothes of hers she could change into. Dad's still showing his photos.

I excused myself to mum. "I'm just gonna lie down for 5mins; I'm a bit..." and I pat my tummy. I head to my room and flop on the bed... Ah, relief!

Within a minute, mum walks in. "Gosh," she says, screwing up her nose. "It's a strong smell, isn't it?"

Through a fit of giggles I explain that I'd actually just farted!

(Seriously, that post-fart giggle fit was a high point of the day... Today was not the worst Christmas ever, but it rated reasonably highly!)

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So, it's coming up fast to the end of the year, which generally means that it's meme time. I say generally, because the tumbleweeds continue to blow through my friends list.

undergroundsea has recapped her decade beautifully (but sorry, it's flocked, so only a very few of you will be able to read it) - I may attempt similar before the week/year/decade is over - and maldini_3 did a meme of his year, but I'm loathe to copy it... I found the last year-recap meme I did, but wasn't really taken with it, so I'm going to do something different (tho' not original; I've seen it about the place before).

To provide a summary of your year, repost the first sentence you wrote in your LJ each month

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an email today...
Dear AliVic,

Thank you for applying for the Asian Language Training Scholarship Program 2010. A panel has considered all applications and has recommended you for a scholarship in Japanese. Pending approval of the Manager, Languages, you will shortly receive a letter of offer and Deed of Agreement by email. The Department is finalising arrangements with the University of New England for delivery of a distance education program.

Scholarship recipients must sign a Deed of Agreement with the Department. The deed outlines both your and the Department’s responsibilities and is legally binding for both parties.

A sample Deed of Agreement and advice from teachers who have studied part-time are attached for your information. Please read the sample deed and advice carefully and consider the commitment you will be making.

After reading the sample deed, you will then need to confirm your interest in proceeding with the scholarship. Please email your confirmation to me by Wednesday 23 December 2009. Confirming your interest does not commit you or the Department to proceeding with a scholarship at this stage. Also let me know if you no longer wish to be considered.

Please do not return the sample Deed of Agreement. A final deed will be prepared to meet your situation, in accordance with the length of the scholarship offered and the financial assistance to be provided.

Yours sincerely

view from the top

The view from Telstra Tower, on Black Mountain, Canberra:

Last time I was up here on the external viewing deck, I was four years old. I was with my parents and a bunch of year 12 geography students; we were on our way to the snowfields. Anyway, the only thing I remember about our stop off at Telstra (then Telecom) Tower was that, when I stepped outside on that blustery winter afternoon, a gust of wind hit me and blew my bag of popcorn out of my hands... Tears ensued...

I'm happy to say, though, that there was no lost popcorn and definately no tears. In fact, it was a pretty damned awesome afternoon...

What took me up Black Mountain this arvo? I was on a motorbike ride with maldini_3 and a mate of his... (I haven't been on HB's - or anyone's for that matter - since before I went to Canada.) 'Twas the first time I've been on a ride with other people, and the first time I've done big hills - after Black Mountain we hit Mount Ainslie. It was more fun than I thought it would be (not that I thought it would be a dull day...). We swapped bikes around up the top of Ainslie and did a few laps of the carpark... I'd tell you about the bikes (I'm sure seal_clubber wants to know) but... I'm a girl and I'm kinda sketchy on the details!

Tonight, the three of us hit the cinema for Avatar in 3D... If you haven't seen it yet, you should totally get onto it! Visually stunning - unlike anything. Yeah, ok, it's kinda cliched and predictable in places, and Marc Fennel's right - Sam Worthington's American accent is atrocious, but the cast is good, and it's just gorgeous...

Day one of school holidays? Most definately a success.

Day two is shaping up to be pretty good as well... I want to hit the markets in the morning, then I've got lunch plans, then tomorrow night I'm off to see an Aussie singer-songwriter, Darren Hanlon, with gnomeangel and her hubby, and maldini_3 . Should be good - he's just lovely.

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