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Canberra, ACT, Australia
University of Wollongong - Wollongong NSW AU (1998 - 2006)
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· I'm 30.

· I moved from from Wollongong to Canberra (or thereabouts) at the start of 2007.

· I miss the coast.

· I have two Masters'.

· Once upon a time, I was a swimmer.

· I'm learning to play other sports now...

· I'm worried about the future of the planet.

· Recent political decisions give me some hope.

· I've recently visited Canada and New York City.

· I travelled to Japan and the UK in July 2007.

· (Prior to that, I made it to South Africa in 1997 and China in 1999.)

· I'd love to visit Port Glasgow, where my grandparents were born. Hopefully on the next trip.

· I'm enjoying my independence.

· I wish I could sleep in tomorrow.

· I'm attempting to do 101 in 1001 for the second time.

· I completed the 50 book challenge in 2007.

· You can find my icons here.

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